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Welcome to Dark Illusion, Defias Brotherhood EU

Illusions is Partly a Migrated 10 man Guild, Most of us are Talnivarr. Anyways, the story about the guild goes like this.
we wanted to start on a new server, Start Fresh with some new people, this means we still are in the Search of few more members.

Currently Illusions are in need of:
One Rogue
One Tank, Pref a Druid, but all is welcome to apply Except paladin.
One Resto Shaman

The list above isn't correctly, we just aren't to Concerned of whom of them classes will be picked or not, but as it goes for the missing classes above, Good application with knowledge and good grammar will be looked over even if you're class isn't listed.

Post applications here:

Raid Information:
Raid times:
Since most of our members still like to have a IRL, and many have to work we currently have a raid time of 18:00 to 23.30, this means most of the working players can still be Semi core raiders and go to bed early enough to get to work the day after.

Loot rules:
some of the basic loot rules like, Member -> Trial. as we currently are a 10 man guild we will not use DKP, we will either not use rolling. we uses a system with what we call " Loot Council" this will be 3 Random Players ( members + ) for each week discussing who will get the loot based on what item you currently got, if this new item is the best in slot for you're class and so on. more information about this will come on the Recruitment forum

Current Progress: 10/12
Most of the members in the guild got good Experience, as a Semi guild we did.
Bastion of Twilight:

Throne Of the Four Winds:

Blackwing Decent:
Wiped on ages on Nef, shouldn't be a problem considering the changes we have made

Our aim is, on a new server, get in some good players, clear the last of BWD and Bastion then move on to heroic.
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